Established in 2023 Naarm/ Melbourne, Vayu & Vroon is a concept-based jewellery brand that expresses stories through objects, shapes, colours and gemstones in 925 recycled Silver. VV is powered by conscious living for sustainable future & backed by highest quality artefacts.

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Behind The Scene

Derived from Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest
languages, Vayu & Vroon translates to 'Air' and 'Water.'

Vroon, the Artistic Director behind Vayu & Vroon, blends a family heritage in jewelry with a finance and marketing education. Drawing inspiration from patterns, textures, and colors since childhood, Vroon's expertise in working with precious metals and gemstones shapes a unique vision for jewelry crafting. VV began as a dream but stands today as a testament to Vroon's passion and commitment to quality.