Inspiration and Artistry behind Craftmanship:

When it comes to crafting, we trust our artisans to give each piece of jewellery a human touch to construct and deconstruct materials as per the creative direction given by the brand. We do our due diligence in creating artefacts from A to Z, so that we bring out only the best for our customers. With an inspiration behind each collection, and a story behind each design, it becomes rather easy to present our perspective on how we see objects combining minimalism, character and elegance to the finished work. With no limitations to our imaginations and believing that art knows no boundaries, we have a huge playground at our doorstep to experiment and innovate new concepts and images.

Crafting with a Conscience:

Partnering with artisans that are registered members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) plays an enormous role in our steps towards sustainability. Through assurance of ethical practices and materials, all Vayu & Vroon pieces comes with brand stamp and 925 Silver hallmarking to promise guarantee of the offering.

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