Plating & Finish

Every design is different, just like any product, each has specific details oriented to match the vision of the brand. Each detail is mentioned along with the products and that is what you get in your every purchase. For example, all gold plating is either done in 14k or 18k in yellow or rose gold. Both 14k and 18k have their specific colour that has been carefully selected for the design to come on its own. For a lasting finish, we’ve opted for gold vermeil standards of 2.5 microns plating as mentioned. Rest of the designs are polished in Rhodium for a timeless visual.


One of our biggest fascinations, or to say for one and all, precious stones have been part of mankind and history since the very beginning from as early as stone age to now the digital age. From realms, kingdoms, countries and traditions, gemstones hold a significant value in all day and age. For us, it means to connect and treasure to present it to your doorstep in high standards and designs for you to gaze at it, wear it and the stone grows on you. 95% of all gemstones studded at Vayu & Vroon are natural whereas 100% conflict free.


Enameling is an artist’s paradise; it is painting on metals and objects through skill and precision. Dating back to 15th century, practiced in various techniques and articles, it is a more personal way of expressing oneself through this art form. We at Vayu & Vroon embrace this element as this gives us more freedom to design and communicate our stories through colours along with being eco-friendly.

Note: All VV jewellery is lead and nickel free. Made carefully to be suitable for all skin types. Peace of mind is highly valuable to all of us and only detail we want you to be worrying about is picking your OOTD.