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Empowering Choice, Shaping Futures: Our Partnership with Diamond Women

Diamond Women

‘Founded in 2006, Diamond Women is on a mission to offer unparalleled support and guidance to women that go through unplanned pregnancies. After discovering the social, financial and mental impact that people might go through during these times and learning that 40% of all pregnancies in Australia are unplanned, we are humbled to partner with Diamond Women and extend our hand in their commendable work.

Diamond Women provides a variety of aids all over Australia in form of unplanned pregnancies options to make a well-informed decision, counselling and care to navigate your thoughts and emotions, mentoring programs to build companionship and judgement-free space for you and your partner. We feel that everyone is entitled to make their own choice and that might sometime require reaching out or an extra pat on the shoulder.

You are just a call or a message away from zero-cost assistance and can visit Diamond Women’s website at https://www.diamondwomen.com.au

Let’s walk this extra mile together to impact lives positively in the society we all live and learn as together we are stronger. They say, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together’.

Vayu & Vroon pledge 5% of all earnings from our first collection “Above & Beyond” to go to Diamond Women. Our motto is, “Shine bright like a Diamond”.’

Straight from the heart:

“Diamond Women was started with a dream of mine for a type of centre where women could find hope. A place where they could share some of the darkness pressing in on them. 

Time and intense pressure creates a gem of beauty, strength and worth: a Diamond. Diamonds begin life as coal that is stuck in the ground, in darkness for a period of time under deep pressure until intense pressure creates a bond of crystals that form a diamond.

When the world describes an unplanned pregnancy, they pair it with words like 'crisis', 'despair' and 'hopelessness.' But what I had learnt was that in reality, women are fierce when put under pressure. With the right support available, they can actually grow and flourish into the beauty of their true identity. 

This is because a diamond’s worth does not change in value due to her circumstance or environment - and the women we help each day are our diamonds.

Having people partner with us so we can continue to provide free pregnancy support means that any barriers to care are removed. Many years later from starting this charity myself, we have a growing number of staff, thousands of clients supported, numerous volunteers and countless supporters who advocate, donate and celebrate the mission to support women and families facing unplanned pregnancy.”

—Jenny, Founder & CEO of Diamond Women

The impact:

“I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t have Diamond Women supporting me. I am so thankful for the care Diamond provides for women that have gone through my situation. Thank you for showing women there are options when faced with unplanned pregnancy.”

– Anonymous client