Our Story

In 2023, Vayu & Vroon embarked on an extraordinary journey, introducing the world to our innovative collection, 'Above & Beyond.' This collection reimagines art in the form of jewellery, inviting you to explore the everyday through uncluttered, hand-drawn designs, all created in the heart of Naarm / Melbourne. We are committed to unveiling fresh perspectives that revolve around the world we live in, reflecting the myriad dimensions of our lives. Inspired by the raw and unfiltered realities, the imbalances that surround us in our social, cultural, and natural existence, we believe that just like jewellery, life can be redesigned, constructed, and refined into something truly poetic and divine.

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

At Vayu & Vroon, our artistry is as sustainable as it is exceptional. Every VV artefact is meticulously crafted from 925 recycled silver and features the highest quality gemstones available. For some select pieces, we take it a step further, finishing them with 14k and 18k gold vermeil plating to truly capture the essence of our design aesthetics. Our dedication to limited-time collections and limited pieces speaks to our commitment to the future of our planet, a conscious approach to gender neutrality, and our belief in giving back to the world we draw inspiration from.

The Name, the Vision

Derived from Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages, Vayu & Vroon translates to 'Air' and 'Water.' As the Creator and Artistic Director of our brand, Vroon brings a unique vision to life. With a family background deeply rooted in the art of jewellery crafting and a formal education in finance and marketing, Vroon's journey has uniquely blended the worlds of finance and art. His expertise in working with precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones has honed his designer's instinct, allowing him to perceive objects through a different lens and discover beauty in one of the world's oldest trades. From a childhood fascination with patterns, textures, shapes, and colours to a relentless drive to experiment with techniques and reinvent, Vayu & Vroon has evolved from a manifestation to a tangible reality.

Join us on our journey of going 'Above and Beyond'—our inaugural collection is now available. Experience the embodiment of art, purpose, and beauty in every design of VV jewellery.